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Our Services

Application Development

Applications can be useful tools in managing the flow of information going in and out of your database. Many companies find themselves needing customized applications for their daily processes that cannot be purchased off the shelf. This can leave a gap in how you store and utilize your information. We can close this gap by building and/or maintaining your very own mobile or web application.

Database Management

Information systems can prove to be very complex and result in a lot of unwanted headaches for companies with any amount of data. After all, information is not useful without a place to put it. We at Higginbotham can build this for you, from complex excel spreadsheets to full blown SQL Server databases. If you already have a system in place but do not know how to maintain or optimize it, we can do that too.

Data Analytics

We at Higginbotham Software & Consulting understand that information can be a company’s most precious asset. The problem many companies face today is analyzing the seemingly endless amount of information they acquire from business operations. We at Higginbotham can properly organize and analyze this information for you. We do this by taking the time to learn your business and optimize the various things you do well, and recommend changes in areas that can be improved. Let us do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best.